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We believe education can save lives. That's why since our very first day we have been continuously developing and growing our programme of courses and training schedules.


We were the very first organisation in Ireland to deliver QPR suicide prevention training .


We have trained over 2,000 people for free, in the life saving programme, since grandfathering it into Ireland.  Our current roster of education programmes offers courses ranging from how to spot signs of suicide to how to improve your own mood and well-being as well as important training on how to over see your children's internet usage.

Skills For Safer Living


An intervention for those who have attempted suicide - The Skills for Safer Living program is a combination of a twenty week skills based group and a peer support group for individuals with recurring thoughts and behaviour’s about suicide. it provides group participants the opportunity to develop specific strategies and skills to identify, interrupt and to change their behaviour about suicide.


The STEPS Programme


The STEPS Programme was created in response to the demand for practical educational material, to assist an ever-increasing number of people who are trying to change their situation, personally, professionally or organisationally.




PX2 is based on the same principles of Steps suitable for young people (14 -18yrs).  This programme helps young people see that they have choices, that they can take more control of their lives and that they can develop the thinking skills they need to become self-motivated, lifelong learners.


Restorative Practise


This process provides a framework and a set of skills for working with people of all ages in an inclusive, fair and empowering way which enables communities and organisations to build effective, strong lasting relationships internally and externally. The implementation of Restorative practise



Parenting & the Internet


The overall aim of this workshop is support parental involvement in their child’s online life. By attending this workshop parents will gain insight and practical suggestions into:




Please give what you can and help us make a difference for our community .


What we are about:

Talk To Tom is about saving lives by breaking down the barriers and stigma associated with suicide and mental health with financial , emotional and educational support.


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